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Welcome to SHOTGUNS & STAKES: the Buffy/Dean shipping community. We're here for discussion, fan art, fan fiction, and anything else that relates to Buffy Summers and Dean Winchester.
General Rules

[x] Please keep episode reviews to your journal and other communities
[x] Spoilers, please be considerate to those that are spoiler virgins. All spoiler icons should be behind a cut with NO teasers. Fanfiction should having a warning/spoiler label in the header.
[x] Before posting material that isn't yours, have the author/creator's permission and credit them in your post.
[x] No trolling. Participation is highly encouraged, via it be feedback or submissions or joining in the participation. The more buzz we can create with this pairing the better.
[x] Please be considerate to other members. We're a nice group of people here so please enjoy yourselves.
[x] If the header and tags are not done as per below we will give you a warning for you to fix in three days. If you don’t fix it we will correct your mistake. If you continue to not follow the rules you will be banned from the community.

Fanfiction Submission Rules

[x] All fiction should have the following header filled out

[x] All fanfiction must be spell checked, neat and tidy behind an lj-cut. To find a beta go to our Master Beta List.
[x] Story banners are allowed, but please keep them behind the cut as well.

Fanart Submission Rules

[x] Fanart/icons must contain Buffy, Dean, and/or Buffy/Dean. All artwork/icons must be behind an LJ-cut just like any other community.
[x] Please cite all your resources (scans, fonts, brushes, lyrics… etc)
[x] Sexually explicit content is not permitted; if you are unsure of content that you wish to post or generally have questions and/or are concerned, please contact a moderator.

Tagging Rules

[x] Tags must be used for all entries and used appropriately.
[x] General tags: fanfiction, fanart, discussion, challenges, video, icon, music, banner, graphic & layout
[x] For fanfiction it should include: rating, genre (i.e. fluff, drama, angst... etc), type of fiction (i.e. drabble, one-shot, poem, essay), author
[x] If the piece is more than one chapter/part then please include the title in your tags, this will make it easy for readers to find all the chapters/parts to your piece.


We’d love to have more affiliates so let us know by sending an email to either:

Lisa - exposed1@livejournal.com

Report Abuses

Please send any complaints or report abuses to any of the moderating staff.

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