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Challenge: Art is the Weapon 
2nd-Sep-2011 09:29 pm
Calling all artists and writers!
Challenge: Art is the Weapon
We’re trying things a little bit different with this challenge since art will be inspiring writers rather than writers inspiring artists. In this challenge artists will create a piece of art (wallpaper, graphic, manipulation etc) that will inspire a writer to write a minimum of 2000 words. There is no maximum word limit so writers are free to be as inspired and wordy as they like as long as they can finish before their posting date. Artists are also welcome to post more than one piece of ‘inspirational’ artwork, but depending on the writer response we can only promise that each artist will have a writer and not each piece of artwork.
Artist Signups:
Sept 9th – 23rd
Writer Signups:
Sept 23rd – Oct 7th  
Artwork Posting:
Oct 14th – 16th
Artwork Claiming:
Oct 21th – Until all artwork is claimed
Story Posting Begins:
Nov 11th
The posting dates will be tied to the artist, or artwork, and therefore if a writer writes two stories for a given piece of art they will be posted on the same day and the same goes if two writers write for the same piece of artwork. The posting dates will be assigned by the moderating staff and be posted October 28th. Further information regarding posting, for both artwork and fiction, will be provided during signups.
Should you have any questions please reply to this post or PM any of the moderators (avamclean, azraelz_angel, kandykaye, dana_chosenart) running this challenge.
Thank you and we hope to see you at sign ups!
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